Automation of Hospitals
We offer cutting-edge Hospital Information Systems and Healthcare Information Technology solutions that allow hospitals and other medical institutions to deliver more expedient care, run more efficient and cost-effective institutions and optimize their operations.
We provide a vast range of everyday quality medical consumables and healthcare consumables quickly, efficiently and at a price, you can afford.

With our extensive range of high-quality medical supplies for primary care, along with first class products, specially designed ultra-range medical consumables, you’re sure to find and get everything you need with us

Diagnostic & Operating Equipment
We know how serious your patient’s care is and how inaccurate equipment can affect a patient’s health and progression. Our services give you the peace of mind that your equipment is delivering proper dosages and is safe for your patients
Medical Equipment
We specialize in the purchase, repair, calibration and preventative maintenance of patient care related electrical equipment. Our field engineers are manufacturer trained and have extensive field experience in servicing and supporting various types of medical equipment. Medical Equipment Services ensures the highest quality of service and is your physical medicine equipment repair and calibration specialist.
Patient & Personnel Safety Equipment
We strive to provide medical health and safety product lines that suit the constantly changing needs of the medical market- patient and personnel. Established in response to the growing equipment needs of medical facilities- large or small, hospital or private practice, we have the products that work for you.
Technical Infrastructure Portfolio for Buildings
Medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics have their own unique setups. We provide key advice on everything you need to design and construct your health facility and automate your systems to get your practice up and running. Our advice includes advice on the equipment you need, its setup and installation